Mark Channer, MD

  • Mark Channer, MD
    Mark Channer, MD
    Joint Replacement Knee & Hip Surgeon

    Dr. Mark Channer is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in total knee joint replacement and total hip joint replacement surgery. After his time in medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and his following internship and residency, he completed a fellowship in Total Joint Replacement in Mooresville, Indiana, with Dr. Merrill Ritter. Dr. Channer likes to work with his patients to help them make informed decisions about the right time for surgery. He takes a unique approach to surgical interventions with joint replacement, aiming to minimize recovery time and maximize quality of life.

    Dr. Channer’s primary interest is outpatient joint replacement of the knee and hip. He utilizes the anterior approach for total hip replacement. Unlike traditional minimally invasive hip replacement techniques that access the hip from behind (posterior approach), the anterior approach uses an incision at the front (anterior) of the hip. By replacing the hip joint from the front, the surgeon can go between the muscles that surround the hip joint, reducing impact on the tissues surrounding the hip. The goal for the patient is a shorter post-op stay and earlier mobilization.

    Your hips are ball-and-socket joints held together with muscles and ligaments. With age and use, that joint can start to break down and become damaged. When it’s replaced, the surgery swaps the original joint with an artificial implant and eliminates the bone on bone rubbing that can cause the pain. This can increase mobility for years to come, letting you get back to the important things in life.

    Dr. Channer’s interest in medicine began at the age of 12 when he started working in the hospital in West Africa during the summer, with his Dad, who was a medical missionary and general surgeon, and his Mom, who was a nurse. He was born in Nigeria, West Africa and moved to the US when he was 14. Today in his free time, he enjoys elk hunting, fly fishing, rafting, riding cutting horses, reading biographies, and taking pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with his mules. He is also a gifted saddle maker.

    Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin, 1986-1990

    Internship: General Surgery, St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, Colorado, 1990-1991

    Research: Total Joint Biomechanics Lab, Duke University, North Carolina, 1993-1995

    Residency: Orthopedic Residency, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1996-2000

    Fellowship: Total Joint Replacement, Mooresville, Indiana with Dr. Merrill Ritter, 2000-2001

    Board Certified: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons

    State Licensed: Indiana, Montana

    Joined Practice: 2001

    Professional Memberships:

    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    • Montana Medical Association


    Autumn is the dedicated orthopedic assistant for Dr. Channer’s patients. Autumn works closely with Dr. Channer to make sure that each patient’s needs are met. If you have questions or concerns you can phone Autumn directly at (406)829-5573.

    Alex Ramsey is a Physician Assistant, PA-C, who works closely with Dr. Channer in both surgery and the clinic. Alex also evaluates and treats patients who come to our Orthopedic Urgent Care.


    Please click on the links below to access Dr. Channer’s patient education handouts

    Osteoarthritis Knee Exercise Program – home exercise program

    Osteoarthritis Hip Exercise Program – home exercise program

    Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery – what a patient needs to know to prepare

    Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery – what a patient needs to know to prepare

    The Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement


    Hobbies/Personal Interests: Elk hunting, fly fishing, rafting, riding cutting horses, reading biographies, packing, saddle maker, and family activities.


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