David Allmacher, MD

  • David Allmacher, MD
    David Allmacher, MD
    Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeon

    Dr. David Allmacher joined Missoula Bone & Joint in 2014 after years of practice following medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and completing his internship and residency at the University of Iowa. He specializes in total joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee. This type of surgery removes damaged pieces of the joint and replaces them with alternatives called prosthetics. These devices are a replacement for the original joint, which mimic the natural movement and function of the joint. Ultimately, this allows pain free movement and a return to activities that may have been stopped as a result of hip pain or knee pain.

    While it can be intimidating or scary to undergo surgery, it helps to know you are working with a surgeon who is up to speed on the latest research. His experience and individual evaluation of each patient has benefited many active people over the years. Dr. Allmacher likes to discuss all treatment options with his patients and help them choose the most appropriate plan. The right time for a joint replacement surgery is typically when the hip or knee pain is stopping you from enjoying your normal activities.

    Dr. Allmacher also has expertise in revision joint replacement of the hip and knee. That means that if the initial joint replacement wears out, he can help you through this more complex replacement surgery as well. Wear on joint replacements is normal over time with typical use, so just like with your car’s brakes or your home’s furnace, these parts might need to be replaced at some point. That’s why working with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Allmacher is especially important for this procedure. He will discuss your options and the techniques available to give you the smoothest experience and help you down the route to quickest healing.

    Dr. Allmacher is also vested in the well-being of our Missoula community. He is an active recreationist; enjoying skiing, mountain biking and trail running. He and his wife have three active children, so you may also see him on the sidelines of soccer games and other community activities.

    Medical School: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1992-1996

    Internship: University of Iowa, 1996-1997

    Residency: University of Iowa, 1997-2001

    Fellowship: Colorado Joint Replacement with Dr. Douglas Dennis, Total Joint Replacement, Denver, CO, 2001-2002

    Board Certified: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons

    State Licensed: Montana

    Joined Practice: 2014

    Professional Memberships:

    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    • American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons
    • Montana Medical Association

    Becker’s Healthcare, June 2022: Dr. Allmacher is featured in Becker’s Healthcare “10 Total Joint ASC Physicians to know.”


    Holly is the dedicated orthopedic assistant for Dr. Allmacher’s patients. Holly works closely with Dr. Allmacher to make sure that each patient’s needs are met. If you have questions or concerns you can phone Holly directly at (406)532-8780.

    Jesse Doll is a Physician Assistant, PA-C, who works closely with Dr. Allmacher in both surgery and the clinic. Jesse can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your knee and hip and present you with treatment options to manage your knee or hip pain.



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