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Anterior Approach is now an option for Total Hip Joint Replacement surgery at Missoula Bone & Joint

Dr. Mark Channer is a board certified, fellowship trained Orthopedic Physician. He has been specializing in total hip joint replacement for over 18 years. Dr. Channer now offers his patients the option of Anterior Approach for total hip joint replacement surgery.

Unlike traditional minimally invasive hip replacement techniques that access the hip from behind (Posterior Approach), the Anterior Approach (or Anterior Supine Intermuscular Approach) uses an incision at the front (anterior) of the hip. By approaching the hip joint from the front the surgeon can go between the muscles that surround the hip joint, reducing trauma to the tissues surrounding the hip. The goal for the patient is a shorter hospital stay and earlier mobilization.

When non-operative treatment fails to control the discomfort and stiffness from arthritis of the hip, your surgeon may recommend total hip replacement. Joint replacement implants, typically made from metal alloy and polyethylene (plastic), are used to resurface the joint. This surgery replaces the upper end of the femur (thighbone) and resurfaces the acetabulum (socket). The desired outcome is to restore function and eliminate as much discomfort as possible while allowing you to return to a more active lifestyle. 

Speak to your orthopedic surgeon about what treatment options are available to you for managing your hip pain.




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