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Missoula Bone & Joint Patient Testimonials

As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Missoula Bone & Joint have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites:

Clinic and Urgent Care Patient Testimonials:

"Joan Bond-Deschamps was extremely thorough, she covered everything, even questions I didn't thank to ask. She was eager to solve my problems. I highly recommend Missoula Bone & Joint for anyone needing orthopedic care." Bill W. June 2018

"very satisfied with my visit with Jesse Doll, he asked if I had any questions but he had already answered them." Rita P. June 2018

"MBJ is the best Ortho Clinic in Montana! I live in Helena and drive the 238 miles round trip because I love this office." Paula D., May 2018

"Went out for my first hike the other day after getting the go ahead from Doug Henry and Dr. Price to begin weight bearing. I'm feeling stronger every day and looking forward to PT. This is only 7 weeks after my tibial plateau surgery. This was my first real injury. I ski all winter and hike all summer so this was hard. Your whole team kept my spirits high. I came all the way from Maverick Mountain in Polaris to get surgery. Thank You!" Kim G, April 2018

"I was in for an MRI last week and always notice how happy folks are at MSO Bone and Joint. I have a chair in each department... foot, knee, hand shoulder. We are so fortunate to have such great health care in MSO." A Frenchtown family, Feb 2018.

"After 20 years of not being able to ride. I took this trail ride. Thank you Dr. Allmacher and Jesse Doll for the new total hip replacement." Tomie B August 2017

"Dr. Price, Doug Henry, and the staff at Bone & Joint make you feel comfortable and safe. The concern and care given is amazing! They treat the whole person. Dr. Price and Doug Henry don't just operate and then leave. They check in and make sure you're doing well, answer questions, and show care and concern for you as an individual patient". – Bobbiegene Z, Dec 2016.

"You are the model. Came to appointment, got in within 5 minutes of appointment time. Holly is the model of nurse care; courteous, caring and builds trust in organization and friendly - as are all the nurses. Spent time in Billing Hospital and Helena - your organization is at the top of the list. I especially like the time the Doctor and PA spent explaining the process and reviewing and answering questions. They came with good recommendation and they exceeded my expectations. I have since talked with a lot of patients in Helena who have been there and were very satisfied". – Jim Dusenberry, Nov 2016.

"Drs. Amrine and Woods were outstanding in explaining my situation. Joan Deschamps is excellent, great communication and very caring".
– Colette Brown, Nov 2016.

"Dr. Channer suggested that I did not need more surgery and what was actually wrong with my knee. He sent me for more PT and it is making a difference. I appreciate his input and thank him very much for his time". – Gwen Q, Nov 2016.

"I had a knee replacement with Dr. Allmacher. What I liked best was the excellent care". – Melba B, Jan 2017.

"Jesse was super nice and professional - I asked if I might also talk with Dr. Allmacher, and he said sure". – Kathleen M, Jan 2017.

"Dr. Jarrett is a very caring, professional, knowledgeable doctor. I have already referred other patients to him. I am looking forward to a satisfactory recovery. Dr. Jarrett's nurse, Erica has been very helpful, returns my calls promptly and answers all my questions. Great job, Erica!" – Lowell Wollitz, Jan 2017.

"Everything went smoothly when I was in and checked by Clyde Kidd (PA) in the Urgent Care. In 3 days I had an MRI, within one week I saw Dr. Sherrill, and in 2 weeks I had surgery. I felt that it went very fast and I was prepared for it. Debbie, Dr. Sherrill's nurse, is fabulous, she gets things done. I felt like everything you need is there at Bone & Joint". – Bonnie Dotz, Jan 2017.

"Thank you for making me feel safe and comfortable! Great job to everyone. Friendly staff, Dr. Puckett was at ease and had a great bedside manner".– H. Apted, Jan 2017.

"I was treated by very kind and patient people at all times. My questions were answered with clear explanations at all times. I was very pleased that your staff was so well trained. I made an excellent and swift recovery and am walking very well". – Dorothy K.

"I think everyone at MBJ and physical therapy are great and make your experience the best possible. Dr. Jarrett and his nurse Erica are amazing!" – Amanda M, Jan 2017.

"People will ask me if my surgeries were worth it and I tell them, "Definitely, I have so much more mobility and definitely less pain." The staff at Bone & Joint was exquisite, from the receptionist, nurses, doctors, and physical therapists. All were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They explained the procedures and risks as my shoulder was a re-tear of an old injury with very little tissue to work with, and it turned out very well. Thank you Dr. Price. People told me they put off having hip and knee replacements and wished they had done it sooner. So when I needed mine I didn't hesitate, and the total hip replacement Dr. Channer did for me was fantastic. Thank you so much!" – Ted D. Riebe, Jan 2017.

I liked the friendliness, thoroughness, and no hassle visit. You're doing an excellent job, great 1st visit. – Kellee Cropley, Jan 2017.

"I liked the friendliness of everyone I had contact with. Excellent care and service all around". – Kathi M, Jan 2017.

"This was a very successful surgery, and I give credit due to a well-seasoned surgeon (Dr. Channer) and his staff. I am currently walking and hiking 4-5 miles daily and work out at the gym every other day. As of this date I have had 12 major surgeries, and this knee replacement was the toughest to overcome. It takes a lot of work from the patient, through physical therapy and muscle training, but well worth the time and patience". – John A. Bird, Jan 2017.

"I have always received excellent care and great results from the physical therapists and doctors at Missoula Bone & Joint". – Virginia M, Jan 2017.

"Dr. Sullivan is very personable and cares about his patients". – Gail R, Jan 2017.

"On-time appointments, good service, and open discussion of options". – Bill S, Jan 2017.

"Friendliness, knowledgeable and professional from nurse Andrea and Dr. Puckett. This was a great experience in taking care of my issue". – Vicki Ayala, Jan 2017.

"Excellent care and surgeon". – Kathryn Davis, Jan 2017.

"Very informative staff. I felt at ease and confident moving forward with my surgery from Dr. Allmacher. I knew what expectations there were of me and what I could expect and rely on of my MBJ team. Everyone worked together to make my experience smooth. The only surprise I had was just how much pain I was in prior to surgery - I have a life back!" – Sandy C, Jan 2017.

"Both providers (Dr. Amrine and Lou Westenfelder) were very good with my son Tommy. Each one took an interest; are thorough, kind, practical and professional. Assistants for the providers were excellent also". Claire Leonard, April 2017.

"Dr. Roster has dramatically improved both of my feet. I can now wear "regular" shoes". Wanda,  April 2017.

"What I liked best was getting my knee scoped and surgery done with". Cory H, Dec 2016.

"I have been extremely pleased with the care, treatment and results of my shoulder procedure done at Bone & Joint; from reception to surgery always the same quality of care. Dr. Willstein was an excellent surgeon and salvaged my damaged right shoulder. My daughter just had her wrist done at Bone & Joint with same great care and service".  Kevin B, March 2017.

"It is definitely worth the trip from Bigfork to Missoula for the expertise. I liked the surgical staff and RN staff the best". John B - Bigfork MT, March 2017.

"Although there are an inordinate number of us in the Valley needing knee surgery, I felt the time I had to wait was reasonable. The staff in the offices as well as at St. Pats is excellent. They are kind, competent, and make one feel you ae the most important patient. The surgery scar, after only 4 months, is already beginning to fade. I have great extension and now are going into rehab for strength. A wonderful facility and staff". Susan Borresen, March 2017.

"What I appreciated the most, prior and after the surgery was the 'professional competence' I received". Deb D, March 2017.

"I came to MBJ because I needed knee replacements. They had done a great job when my grandson broke his wrist so that's when I decided. From the moment I walked in the front door and was greeted by the front desk I knew I had made the right choice. Everyone was so kind and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Willstein and Wade Hudson actually walked me through what the process entailed. Every step of the way was explained and they treated me with correct care. Now I'm 4 months post bilateral replacements and walking just fine. I highly recommend MBJ for any procedure they perform. I can't thank them enough for getting me back on my feet again". Roger Harmon, March 2017

"On 11/18/16 I went into this center to have my knee checked out. I had over used it this summer and was not getting better it was getting worse. I was seen by Greg Murray. He had xrays taken and checked out the knee. They found that I had fluid in the joint causing the pain. He and assistant drained the fluid and put meds into the joint. The pain went away almost immediately and I have almost no pain and the knee is recovering great, should be able to have pain free beginning this summer. Thanks to everyone at the center, office staff were great with fitting". Gary Z, March 2017.

"I am happy to have returned to my usual activities and have for the past 2 months skied and taught as a PSIA (professional ski instructor association) adaptive instructor for Eagle Mount at Showdown. The year prior to the knee replacement I was a participant in the program learning to mono ski. I have also been riding my horses without pain. I exercise at the gym regularly without pain and walking is no longer painful". Charmaine Nicholson, March 2017.

"Very professional and Dr. Roster is very nice. I would recommend your office to family and friends". Jason H, March 2017.

"Missoula Bone & Joint was pleasant to work with when my son broke his leg. The staff were very professional and ensured my 3 year old was comfortable throughout the process". Leo S. April 2017.

"I would highly recommend Missoula Bone & Joint. I had a total knee surgery and my experience from start to finish was very positive. I had faith in my care from the initial evaluation to surgery day to post-op. I have healed well and very happy I chose Dr. Allmacher with Missoula Bone & Joint". Dawn J, April 2017.

"Dr. Amrine was very thorough and spent time educating us on concussions. I did not feel rushed through any of the appointments when we were there". Kristy E, March 2017.

"Friendly atmosphere and quality of kindness and concern from all employees." Kim M., Jan 2017.

Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials:

"Marla was outstanding, receptionists were very nice. All appointments were on time and no waiting. Everyone I encountered were welcoming, polite, and professional." Jim K., June 2018

"I liked learning to do things in the proper way for better results, feeling better after each session." Doris V. April 2018

"Kailey has a great personality. Pretty well satisfied even though the process is painful." April 2018

"The best thing was the helpful staff and the friendliness of the office." Jacob M., May 2018

" I would like to say that I had the most excellent experience as a PT patient of Bob Botkin over the last few months. His dynamic, receptive, and intuitive approach to therapy was impressive and effective. I appreciated how I would admit to some pain that I was trying to power through, and he could explain why that was hurting me and adapt the therapy to avoid the pain. He has changed my perspective on exercise through said process of being in tune with pain and the biomechanics of my body." Bradley Applegate, Feb 2018

"Quick check in, very personable, she knows me when I walk in the door. Kristina takes the time to evaluate and listen, tailors the program to fit me and what's going on in my life." Tina Feb 2018

"This was my first experience with PT. Jessica Scott was fantastic! She was very thorough, provided excellent explanation for what I was doing and why, and I credit her for a speedy recovery." Feb 2018

"Bob is a kind, patient, gentle, respectful therapist." Marlene Feb 2018

"Additionally all the staff were extremely friendly and took time to chat with me. I appreciate Colin, Dan, DJ, and Bobbie because they are names that I remember, however everyone that I encountered including the lovely receptionists made me feel welcome. It was like going to my favorite neighborhood bar, except I was going to exercise rather than drink, but the socialization was similar." Bradley Applegate, Feb 2018

"In the course of 6 weeks I had three therapists [Lauren, Kristina, Jason], all were professional and helpful. It was a good experience and they helped my greatly." Jim M. Jan 2018

 "Bob [Botkin] was very thorough in assessing my condition and customizing treatment to meet my needs. I found him to be personable, knowledgeable and caring. I was very pleased with my treatment at MB". – Marsha Kirchner, Jan 2017.

"Jessica Scott was the most attentive, caring therapist. I have high regards for Jessica; she is a great addition to your staff. I would recommend Jessica to my family and friends. Everyone was optimistic and kind to the patients. Very good ambiance, and a good positive atmosphere". – Colette Brown, Nov 2016.

"Matt [Schumacher] was on time, and a lot of the time I was started early as I am always 10-30 mins early for appointments. Rated 10/10". – Harriet H, Nov 2016.

"Therapist and staff are all friendly and caring. Went out of their way to accommodate the times. Not pushing to do more than we can. Knows your limits. My therapist (Jessica) went above and beyond with her care and treatment. She deserves an A+ with a gold star!" – Thelma Freer, Nov 2016.

"I highly recommend MBJ. The care I received is excellent. I've received treatment for my leg pain and a back problem. In both instances the quality of care by both therapists was terrific. The range of strengthening and stretching exercises was very helpful. I was always given options if one was hurting or uncomfortable. The therapists were sensitive and encouraging in the process and both times I left with my problem resolved. The staff is really gifted. If you put in the effort and follow their advice, you will leave there healthy and happy". – Norann Mc, Jan 2017.

"The staff has always been amazing. Jessica has made this long process the best experience possible. She is knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to talk to. She has helped with not only my ankle injury, but everything else that has become an issue due to my injury. My body and I could not be more grateful! Bone & Joint has been far above my expectations. I could not have asked for a better PT therapist". – Sarah Eastlund, Jan 2017.

"MBJ Physical Therapy Center did not feel like an appointment, but a place where I went and they really cared about me and my health". – Teri D, Jan 2017.

"I rated Jason a 5/5 for his interest in my problem. I liked seeing the progress". K. Davis, March 2017.

"On April 1st, 2016 I suffered a severe ankle sprain at work which resulted in a torn tendon and ligaments. The staff at Bone & Joint Urgent Care were quick and attentive to my injury and always professional and courteous. My injury resulted in the need for physical therapy in an effort to avoid an invasive surgery. I attended physical therapy twice a week for 3 months. Everyone in the PT department was wonderful. I felt a sense of "family" and left with new friends and they saved me from surgery!" Heather S, March 2017.

"I have always received excellent care and great results from the physical therapists and doctors at Missoula Bone & Joint". – Virginia M, Jan 2017.

"I recently had heel and ankle reconstruction surgery at MBJ surgery center and I previously had a surgery there - both because of their low infection rate and their specialized care. I had a choice of wearing a permanent brace or surgery. I am 70 years old and very active, and I feel that I am back to very good normal use of my ankle. I have recently returned from a 2 week rock-hounding trip. I also am very appreciative of the physical therapy dept with great care and results with the ankle, shoulder and hand concerns". Beth C., Jan 2017.

"I'm impressed with the quality of the staff. Especially the medical personnel - specifically Dr. Price and Dr. Amrine." Marilyn, Jan 2017.

Surgery Center Patient Testimonials:

"Awesome experience at Missoula Bone & Joint. Unfortunate basketball injury caused us to be here. Complete ruptured achilles surgery. With the help of a truly amazing professional surgical nurse, Jen M. - We were diagnosed by the doctor in the morning and in surgery in the afternoon. Surgical staff is first class .... explained the entire process and we were comforted in a difficult situation. Grateful for wonderful, exceptional healthcare in Missoula, MT." Judy D, June 2018.

"My daughter was the victim of an assault. We were referred to MBJ by the ER. From day one the staff and medical personnel have treated her with nothing but respect, admiration, and dedication to her well-being, physical and mental. The staff in the surgery center accommodated us after hours when she needed a little extra time. Dr. Sullivan and Jenneca are professional top-notch human beings. I will recommend MBJ to everyone. Thank you for your grace in a time of need. We love MBJ". – Linda L, Jan 2017.

"My experience at Missoula Bone and Joint was great. The staff and Doctors were very professional". - Robert Zimmerman, Jan 2017.

"Everyone was very informative, friendly, helpful and professional. I enjoyed the easy access, Doctors and staff. It was worth the drive from Big Fork for the compentency". John Buswell, Jan 2017.

"Knee surgery could not have been a better experience. The entire staff from receptionist to nurses to doctors provided the most amazing balance of friendliness and professionalism. Everyone was so personalble and genuinedly kind and doing their jobs exceedingly well". Kathy W., Jan 2017.

"Everyone I met that day greeted me with a big smile. I could tell right away that everyone I came in contact with truly cared how I was feeling. The sun was shining outside and inside!" Claudia McCracken, March 2017.

"It's my second surgery at Missoula Bone and Joint and the people are great. Every person or staff member I have seen, contacted or personally interacted with has not just been professional, but kind". David K. Feb 2017.

"I was treated with over the top care. The nurse was exceptional, warm, caring and friendly, yet very professional. It was very obvious that she is comfortable with her job". TBO Jan 2017.

"The staff and Doctors are professional and informative. I would recommend Missoula Bone and Joint to others". Barbara Howell, Jan 2017

"The best care I've ever received from the first person I spoke with onward. Genuine and informative care". O.Grey, Jan 2017

"Great staff from beginning to end. The facility is very clean and friendly!" Nicole Lamoreux

"Missoula Bone and Joint actually listened to my concerns and addressed, resolved and helped me through the difficult process of my shoulder repair. I would recommend them to others". Richard Koehler, Jan 2017

"Happy place with competent staff and Doctors. I would recommend Missoula Bone and Joint to others". Ed Wolf, Jan 2017

"I felt very comfortable with the staff and would definitely recommend it to others. My husband was pleased with the attention I was given and all of his questions were answered". Kathryn C., Feb 2017



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