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Missoula Bone & Joint Patient Testimonials

As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Missoula Bone & Joint have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites:

Clinic and Urgent Care Patient Testimonials:

"I had Rotator Cuff surgery on my left shoulder by Dr. LaPorte. This was my sixth different surgery since 2002 that has been done at Bone & Joint. My experience has been nothing but professional, that is why, if Bone & Joint can perform a surgery I may need in the future, it will be done there. The six different doctors that have operated on me, as well as all the staff, have been nothing but above and beyond. If Bone & Joint can provide relief from the pain you are experiencing, I highly recommend using their services. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being on the top, I would give their services a 20." Dave C., Oct. 2018

"Thank you Dr. Sherrill and Deb. Everything very professional and accommodating. Successful outcome. Almost a pleasure!" John, Oct 2018

"I saw Dr. Willstein first, who then referred me to Dr. Woods for my back pain. I had a SI fusion in July, and now 12 weeks later am totally pain free. Everyone at B&J and B&J physical therapy rock - Thanks!" Cheryl, Oct 2018

"Clean, professional, and attentive MRI experience." John, Oct 2018

"I just wanted to thank you all for the outstanding job you did in replacing my knee in January 2017. I have had no problems and I am so happy the pain is gone. Everyone at Missoula Bone & Joint is to be commended for it's first class service. Thank you all! Bruce, February 2018.

"My husband was treated with such care. It was a stressful time for us and everything went so smoothly. The phone navigation was friendly and they worked hard to get the paperwork for the appointment. The PA was so nice and understanding. Thank You!" Anna Becker, August 2018

"I always have a great experience at Missoula Bone & Joint." Emilie W. August 2018

"I highly regard Dr. Puckett. His patient care is excellent, I would recommend his services." Barbara, August 2018

"Joan Bond-Deschamps was extremely thorough, she covered everything, even questions I didn't thank to ask. She was eager to solve my problems. I highly recommend Missoula Bone & Joint for anyone needing orthopedic care." Bill W. June 2018

"very satisfied with my visit with Jesse Doll, he asked if I had any questions but he had already answered them." Rita P. June 2018

"MBJ is the best Ortho Clinic in Montana! I live in Helena and drive the 238 miles round trip because I love this office." Paula D., May 2018

"Went out for my first hike the other day after getting the go ahead from Doug Henry and Dr. Price to begin weight bearing. I'm feeling stronger every day and looking forward to PT. This is only 7 weeks after my tibial plateau surgery. This was my first real injury. I ski all winter and hike all summer so this was hard. Your whole team kept my spirits high. I came all the way from Maverick Mountain in Polaris to get surgery. Thank You!" Kim G, April 2018

"I was in for an MRI last week and always notice how happy folks are at MSO Bone and Joint. I have a chair in each department... foot, knee, hand shoulder. We are so fortunate to have such great health care in MSO." A Frenchtown family, Feb 2018.

Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials:

"I had 7 PT sessions at Missoula Bone & Joint for the purpose of strengthening my knee (old Injury). My therapist, Samantha, showed me many new and varied exercises with simple equipment so I can do at home and work. She is knowledgeable and personable. I now walk with more confidence, better balance and with less pain. Thank you!" Eileen, Oct 2018

" Sydney is extremely knowledgeable, professional and makes an uncomfortable PT session much more enjoyable." Phillip, Oct. 2018

 "I had 2 knee surgeries. After PT I bowled a 200 game. Thank you Bob for excellent service." Shirley, Oct 2018

"I chose here because Kailey has worked with many of Dr. Roster's patients. I think this was an excellent decision.She is always very prepared and focused. She is very professional and takes her job seriously." Nancy B. Sept 2018

"Kailey is fabulous - working on exactly the right places and explaining everything so I understood. She is excellent!" Deb N., Sept 2018

"I really like Kristina. She makes the time fly even though sometimes it hurts. She knows what she is doing and tailors her plan based on what's bothering me most." Krispen, August 2018

"The surgeon and therapist are just a short walk from each other in the same building." Brian B., July 2018

"I feel like when I go to PT it is like visiting with friends. Everyone knows your name and is very down to earth and pleasant. They really care about you." July 2018

"The best thing was getting respectful service throughout my entire rehab process." John L., July 2018

"I enjoy everyone of my visits with Marla." Ella S. July 2018

"I am recovering quickly thanks to Bob Botkin." Uncle Bill S., July 2018

"I love the way Kristina pushes me to get stronger, and she is fun to visit with." Janet M. July 2018

"Tim is great." July 2018

"Deann was very helpful and really shows that she cares about people." Gayle, June 2018

"Jason has helped me tremendously. I have a lot better mobility than I had when I started PT." Linda, July 2018

"I am extremely pleased with the services I received from Tim Tracy, the hand therapist. He was on top of things, he listened to me, and followed up and gave me great information. He was always on time. " Davia S.,  July 2018

"Marla was outstanding, receptionists were very nice. All appointments were on time and no waiting. Everyone I encountered were welcoming, polite, and professional." Jim K., June 2018

"Bob Botkin was wonderful to work with. He was so encouraging; I called him my cheerleader. I can't imagine having a more positive experience." Susan B., June 2018

"I liked learning to do things in the proper way for better results, feeling better after each session." Doris V. April 2018

"Kailey has a great personality. Pretty well satisfied even though the process is painful." April 2018

"The best thing was the helpful staff and the friendliness of the office." Jacob M., May 2018

" I would like to say that I had the most excellent experience as a PT patient of Bob Botkin over the last few months. His dynamic, receptive, and intuitive approach to therapy was impressive and effective. I appreciated how I would admit to some pain that I was trying to power through, and he could explain why that was hurting me and adapt the therapy to avoid the pain. He has changed my perspective on exercise through said process of being in tune with pain and the biomechanics of my body." Bradley Applegate, Feb 2018

"Quick check in, very personable, she knows me when I walk in the door. Kristina takes the time to evaluate and listen, tailors the program to fit me and what's going on in my life." Tina Feb 2018

"This was my first experience with PT. Jessica Scott was fantastic! She was very thorough, provided excellent explanation for what I was doing and why, and I credit her for a speedy recovery." Feb 2018

"Bob is a kind, patient, gentle, respectful therapist." Marlene Feb 2018

"Additionally all the staff were extremely friendly and took time to chat with me. I appreciate Colin, Dan, DJ, and Bobbie because they are names that I remember, however everyone that I encountered including the lovely receptionists made me feel welcome. It was like going to my favorite neighborhood bar, except I was going to exercise rather than drink, but the socialization was similar." Bradley Applegate, Feb 2018

Surgery Center Patient Testimonials:

"Awesome experience at Missoula Bone & Joint. Unfortunate basketball injury caused us to be here. Complete ruptured achilles surgery. With the help of a truly amazing professional surgical nurse, Jen M. - We were diagnosed by the doctor in the morning and in surgery in the afternoon. Surgical staff is first class .... explained the entire process and we were comforted in a difficult situation. Grateful for wonderful, exceptional healthcare in Missoula, MT." Judy D, June 2018.

"Great staff from beginning to end. The facility is very clean and friendly!" Nicole Lamoreux

"Missoula Bone and Joint actually listened to my concerns and addressed, resolved and helped me through the difficult process of my shoulder repair. I would recommend them to others". Richard Koehler, Jan 2017

"Happy place with competent staff and Doctors. I would recommend Missoula Bone and Joint to others". Ed Wolf, Jan 2017

"I felt very comfortable with the staff and would definitely recommend it to others. My husband was pleased with the attention I was given and all of his questions were answered". Kathryn C., Feb 2017



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