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The knee is one of the most easily injured joints in your body. It is also subject to degenerative disorders, such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Whether you have a torn ligament or arthritis, knee pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Knee pain can make it difficult to walk or climb stairs, not to mention hold you back from exercising and playing sports.

At Missoula Bone & Joint, our knee surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of knee injuries and conditions, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you get back to living your life to the fullest.

About the Knee Joint

The knee is a large, complex hinge joint, formed where the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) meet, along with the patella, or kneecap. The ends of the bones and back side of the patella are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth, slippery substance that helps the bones move freely.

The knee is held together by four ligaments (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) and two tendons (quadriceps and patellar). Two shock-absorbing pieces of cartilage called menisci, located between the femur and tibia, help cushion and stabilize the joint.

Because there are so many components within the knee, it is subject to a number of injuries, from fractures and dislocations to torn ligaments or tendons. Some of the most common injuries and conditions our Missoula knee surgeons see and treat include:

Knee arthritis occurs when the articular cartilage begins to wear away. For most people, this is a natural part of aging, but the degenerative process can also be accelerated by injury. Eventually the bones begin to rub together, causing pain and limiting mobility.

Knee injuries such as ligament, tendon, or meniscal tears are often caused by sports accidents or during physical activity. Meniscal tears may also occur as a result of arthritis or aging. Fractures and dislocations are typically the result of a fall or blow to the knee, such as during an auto accident or sports-related contact.

If you have injured your knee, you may experience symptoms such as swelling, pain, and stiffness around the knee, as well as catching, locking, limited movement, weakness, and instability. Many knee conditions and injuries can be treated without surgery. Nonsurgical treatment may include physical therapy, medication, injections, or a brace.

Sometimes, however, injuries such as fractures or completely torn ligaments require surgery to fully restore function to your knee. The knee surgeons at MBJ have performed thousands of surgeries and keep up with the latest advances in surgical techniques. Some of the most common procedures we perform include:



For comprehensive care for any type of knee problem in Western Montana, visit Missoula Bone & Joint. We offer on-site diagnostics, physical therapy, an ambulatory surgery center, and durable medical equipment.

And if you have an acute knee injury that needs immediate attention, such as a sprain or strain, or you have swelling or pain around the knee, you can visit our orthopedic urgent care walk-in clinic.

To schedule an office visit with one of our knee doctors in Missoula, call us today at (406) 721-4436 or request an appointment online.

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