Is your knee joint catching, locking and swelling?

by ih-mis admin
The knee is a complex hinge joint providing flexion and extension movement at the knee joint. It is formed where the thigh bone and the shin bone meet. The patella or knee cap is at the front of the knee and acts as a glide for the patella tendon that attaches to the quadricep muscle. The ends of the bones and the backside of the patella are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth slippery substance that helps the bones move freely. Two shock absorbing pieces of cartilage called menisci, are found inside the joint between the bone ends, and they help cushion and stabilize the joint. The menisci are vulnerable to injury, especially twisting motions. A meniscus tear can occur when the foot stays grounded and the upper body twists. It is a common injury in sports such as soccer, basketball, football, skiing, softball, tennis, to name a few, but it can also occur with a slip and fall scenario. Some tears on certain parts of the meniscus heal on their own, but most require surgical intervention. Arthroscopic surgery is the accepted method for treating meniscus tears. A torn meniscus may cause symptoms of pain and swelling. Patients may also experience catching or locking of the knee when a flap of meniscus gets caught in the joint when you bend it. The surgeons aim is to 'clean up' the joint but save as much meniscus as possible. Preserving the nearby areas of the meniscus is vital for keeping the knee healthy.