Sports Physicals at Missoula Bone and Joint

by ih-mis admin
Fall sports will be here before you know it! Get ahead of the game and schedule your sports physical at Missoula Bone & Joint today. Dr. Rob Amrine is a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician who provides comprehensive sports physicals for high school athletes. Check with your insurance to see if this service can be covered as part of an annual wellness visit for your child.

The purpose of the Sports Physical or Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) is to identify athletes that may be at risk for further injury or illness and to refer these athletes for additional medical evaluation prior to allowing them to participate. The specific purposes include the following:

  • To identify athletes at risk of sudden death
  • To identify medical conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment before participation
  • To identify orthopedic conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment, including physical therapy, before participation
  • To satisfy legal requirements of athletic governing boards

For more information about Sports Physicals at Missoula Bone & Joint please contact Dr. Amrine's assistant, Becca, at 406-532-8783.

To schedule a Sports Physical with Dr. Amrine please call our clinic 406-721-4436.