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Body Composition  - "It's what's on the inside that counts"

Body Composition Scans can:

  • Analyze Your Body Composition
  • Track Your Rate of Change
  • Assess your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Type II Diabetes
  • Track your Fitness Goals

Analyze Your Body Composition

Scales are misleading as body weight is comprised of muscle, fat and bone all added together. A Body Composition Scan will provide you with a detailed report with precise analysis of fat mass, lean mass, and total body fat percentage. The results are divided into measurements of each limb, torso, abdomen, and hips.

Fat Mass/Height ratio is more accurate than Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements and results are gender specific.

Track Your Rate of Change With Consecutive Scans

Consecutive scans allows you to track your rate of change:

  • Pinpoint exact fat loss and lean mass gain in response to diet and exercise changes.
  • Optimize your training to suit your body's specific needs.
  • Compare your results to others your age based on nation wide statistics.
  • Consecutive scans show a trend in your progress.

Assess your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Type II Diabetes

Body Composition Scans accurately measure the visceral fat around your organs (VAT score) which identifies your risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.

Track Your Fitness Goals

Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle; our machine can track your progress.

  1. Start with a base line scan to establish your goals.
  2. Assess progress midway through your goal.
  3. See visual comparisons of your results for each scan.
  4. Adjust your workout regime/diet to get the results you desire.

What to Expect:

Scans are performed in six minutes using minimal x-ray exposure. Results are immediately reviewed by your Technologist. This is the gold standard for body composition analysis.


An individual Body Composition Scan with analysis is $75. Schedule a series of three scans for a package discounted rate of $187.50.

To Schedule Your Appointment:

Please call (406) 721-4436 ext. 7115 to schedule your appointment and speak with our Technologist.

Print our Body Composition Brochure for more information



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