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Sports Physical or Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) at Missoula Bone & Joint

The purpose of the Sports Physical or Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) is to identify athletes that may be at risk for further injury or illness and to refer these athletes for additional medical evaluation prior to allowing them to participate. The specific purposes include the following:

  • To supplement annual preventive care exams done by a primary care physician (this can be provided inclusively by Dr. Amrine at Missoula Bone & Joint)
  • To identify athletes at risk of sudden death
  • To identify medical conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment before participation
  • To identify orthopedic conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment, including physical therapy, before participation
  • To satisfy legal requirements of athletic governing boards

The PPE is an important opportunity to identify athletes who have a history of concussion and who may still be experiencing post-concussion symptoms.  Identifying these athletes and referring them for further medical treatment, if needed, is one way to reduce the incidence of second impact syndrome, another cause of sudden death in young athletes.

In the spring of 2017, Missoula Bone & Joint provided PPE for 233 high school athletes at 6 high schools at a reduced cost to the athlete.  To achieve a comprehensive yet cost effective PPE,  Missoula Bone & Joint has adopted a process of exam “stations”. Dr. Rob Amrine and other Missoula Bone & Joint Physicians donate their time to make this work.

The “station” exam begins with the athlete turning in their medical history and associated paperwork. They then proceed through a number of stations staffed by medical personnel including height -weight –vision-biomechanical loading-orthopedic structural stability and finally concluding with a station staffed by a physician. The physician’s responsibility is to review all of the data collected during the physical exam and to make any recommendations for the athlete for further medical follow-up if needed.

For more information about PPE please contact your school’s Athletic Trainer or Dr. Amrine's assistant, Becca, at (406) 532-8783




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