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Sports Physical or Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) at Missoula Bone & Joint

The purpose of the Sports Physical or Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) is to identify athletes that may be at risk for further injury or illness and to refer these athletes for additional medical evaluation prior to allowing them to participate. The specific purposes include the following:

  • To supplement annual preventive care exams done by a primary care physician (this can be provided inclusively by Dr. Amrine at Missoula Bone & Joint)

  • To identify athletes at risk of sudden death

  • To identify medical conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment before participation

  • To identify orthopedic conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment, including physical therapy, before participation

  • To satisfy legal requirements of athletic governing boards

For more information about PPE please contact your school’s Athletic Trainer or Dr. Amrine's assistant, Becca, at (406) 532-8783.

To schedule a PPE with Dr. Amrine please call our clinic (406)721-4436.

Here is the Montana High School Pre-participation Physical Exam Form that you will need to fill in and go over with your physician. To save time please print and fill in before you come to our clinic.




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