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Missoula Bone & Joint is an equal opportunity employer and offers excellent benefits including health insurance, 401k, generous paid time off, continuing education allowance, and much more.

Missoula Bone & Joint and Surgery Center has been named as one of the 150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review/Becker’s ASC Review for six years!

How to apply for a job at Missoula Bone & Joint:

Send us your cover letter stating which position you are applying for, your resume, and a completed Missoula Bone & Joint employment application to:


or mail to:

Missoula Bone & Joint and Surgery Center
ATTN: Employment Specialist
2360 Mullan Road, Suite C
Missoula, MT 59808

We currently have the following positions available at Missoula Bone & Joint:

Full-Time Orthopedic Assistant

Missoula Bone & Joint is looking for a Full-Time Orthopedic Assistant

Patient care responsibilities as assigned by physician, which may include scheduling and organizing patient flow, accompanying patients to exam/procedure room, assist patients with changing to exam gowns, and transfer to exam table if needed; Assess patient’s general condition and collect patient history; Document health history, activities, medication dispensed/prescribed in the medical record; Provide basic patient care as ordered by provider and assist provider with various procedures; Provides patient education materials, communicates provider advice/instructions to patient; Cast and splint application and removal.



*High School diploma or GED certificate


*Good communication skills



*Current state license or national certification

*Orthopedic experience


Missoula Bone & Joint is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers excellent benefits including health insurance, 401K, generous paid time off, continuing education allowance and much more!

How To Apply:

Please visit our website at www.missoulaboneandjoint.com and click on the 'join our team' link and follow the instructions on how to apply for this position.

                     **Resumes submitted without an application will be rejected**

Full-Time Certified Medical Coder

Missoula Bone and Joint is looking for a Full-Time Certified Medical Coder

Responsible for reviewing daily visit notes and coding appropriate ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS codes in a timely manner. Performs routine audits and responsible for training physicians and staff on ICD-10 and documentation guidelines.


  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC), or equivalent
  • Coding experience
  • Training/courses in business office activities
  • Strong ethical and moral character references
  • Good communication skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Certified Professional Medical Auditor or within two years of hire
  • Anatomy courses
  • Have met all ICD-10 proficiency requirements


  • Two or more years’ billing experience
  • CPMA or equivalent

How To Apply:

Please follow the instructions on how to apply for this position on this website.

**Resumes submitted without an application will be rejected**


Part-Time Medical Records Assistant

Part-Time Medical Records Assistant

Schedule for this position is Monday-Wednesday 9:00am-5:00pm with flexibility to cover as needed/fill-in Thursday & Fridays.

Responsible for confidentially and security of all aspects of the Medical Records Department. Maintaining medical information in the company EMR. Responsible for other duties as outlined below.

Medical Records Assistant duties:

  • Interacts with other staff, patients and the public on medical records matters
  • Locates medical information for records release and releases records as necessary with HIPAA compliant releases
  • Files medical information and other information in patient EMR
  • Locates and prepares charts for next day clinic
  • Locates and sends medical information to requesting physicians/departments
  • Repairs torn charts, replacing torn pockets and broken fasteners
  • Purges old records and relocates other charts to storage
  • Compliance with HIPAA, OSHA and Red Flag Rules
  • Manages the clinic fax server by uploading faxes as attachments to the MR and printing certain documents for routing to providers for signatures.
  • Upload signed/reviewed documents to patients EMR as an attachment.


  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Training or courses in medical business office activities
  • Good typing skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Ability to run fax machine, postage meter and printers
  • Strong ethical and moral character reference


Medical records experience

Please see instructions on how to apply for this position on this page.

**Resumes submitted without a Missoula Bone & Joint Application will be rejected.**

TPD (As-Needed/Fill-In) Floater

Missoula Bone & Joint Surgery Center is seeking a TPD (As-Needed/Fill-In) Floater

The As - Needed/Fill-In Floater position is used to cover vacation/sick days in Clinic Reception/Patient Service Representatives, Medical Records, Physical Therapy Reception, Surgery Center Reception, MRI Assistant, X-ray Assistant, and assists the A/R Department with various office/clerical duties. This position will be Monday-Friday (possible Saturday Urgent Care reception coverage) with varying time schedules (some early morning/evening hours). When this person is not covering vacation/sick days, they will be assigned to the A/R Department to assist with tasks as needed, however their priority will be coverage.

**This will also include approximately 3 months of maternity leave during the summer months**


  • Cooperative work attitude toward co-employees, management, patients, visitors, and physicians
  • Ability to promote favorable facility image with physicians, patients, insurance companies, and general public
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems


  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Good typing skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Ability to run fax machine, postage meter and printers
  • Strong ethical and moral character references


  • Medical office experience


Full-Time Physical Therapist

Full-Time Physical Therapist

Responsible for providing patient care including assessing, interpreting, planning and implementing specialized physical therapy treatments.


  • BS or MS degree or Certificate in Physical Therapy from an CAPTE-accredited education program.
  • Minimum of one year clinical experience as a practicing physical therapist.
  • Effective Communication skills.*Strong ethical and moral character references.
  • Willingness to support and encourage co-workers.


  • Advanced orthopedic skills.
  • Knowledge of policies, regulations, requirements of clinic and regulators.


150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare 2016

For the sixth year, Missoula Bone & Joint was named by Becker's Healthcare as one of the 150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare 2016, a compilation of physician groups, hospitals, health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare organizations that provide excellent work environments and outstanding benefits to their employees.

Missoula Bone & Joint and Surgery Center is the only physician group and ambulatory surgery center in Montana included in this list of organizations that are recognized for going above and beyond for their employees and are considered a great place to work based on their benefits, workplace culture, professional development opportunities and recognition for workplace excellence.

Staff Testimonials

Here are some of the wonderful things our employees have to say about Missoula Bone & Joint:

"Last weekend my family went to our place in Trout Creek. In the middle of the night my daughter came in crying that her ears hurt. She had been running a fever so I figured she probably had an ear infection. The next morning I took her to the family clinic in Thompson Falls. When the two office ladies found out I work at MBJ, they both raved about our services. One woman told me that her dad and Doug were tight, and said how great Dr. Price is. There was a long wait to be seen in T Falls so they took my information and sent me to their clinic in Plains. The office people in Plains also raved about MBJ. They love having Dr. LaPorte hold clinic there. One person said Joan fixed his hand and someone else talked about how Dr. Jarrett helped her with her foot problems. It makes me feel good to work for a company with such a positive reputation!"

"I have worked at MBJ for the last six months and I have to say that this has been the most wonderful place to work. I did my internship here in college and I always had a goal of ending up back here as an employee. I love coming to work every day, I love that my co-workers are so wonderful and I love that from day one I have been treated like family!"

"I have been an LPN for 29 years and have worked in a variety of medical facilities in several states and I can state without reservation that Missoula Bone & Joint is the best place I have ever worked. I have never worked for or with a better or more caring group of people. And besides that, it´s fun!"

"The doctors and the staff strive to make each patients experience one that they will want to brag to their friends and family about. Our goal has been met when a patient leaves Missoula Bone & Joint with a smile on their face!"

"What a joy it is to work at MBJ. I have patients tell me daily what a pleasant place this is to come to. They enjoy the attitude and pleasantness of the employees. This thrills my heart as that is what we are trying to do."

"We have the best doctors to work for! They are very compassionate and truly care for their patients and employees!"

"Where the employees are concerned, the doctors and administration at MBJ always have our best interests in mind. They really care about us!"

"We are blessed with co-workers that are friends and care about each other (the MBJ family)."

"With a company of over fifty employees I have been impressed over and over again with how well everyone gets along. They are a friendly and hard-working group with great attitudes."

"The doctors are the best! They are considerate, generous, thoughtful, kind, and sincere. Just all around super employers."

"I am very proud to say I work at MBJ."

"The finest group of physicians I have ever worked with. They are fair, honest and very caring."

“It is such an honor to work at Missoula Bone and Joint Surgery Center. The surgeons are not only extremely skilled at what they do, but they are wonderful people as well. They do volunteer work yearly in foreign countries as well as volunteer work for the needy right here in the community. The monetary benefits at MBJ are great, but what I love most is the level of competency and cohesiveness with the staff.”

“I have worked at MBJ for almost 15 years. I work for and with extremely knowledgeable and caring people. Patient care is truly the #1 priority. MBJ offers competitive salary ranges as well as some of the best benefit packages around. The physicians here lead by example. They truly respect their employees and often ask for input or suggestions on ways to improve patient care and efficiencies. The physicians work hard and in turn we want to work hard for them. The physicians and management ask for employee input. MBJ has created several committees that focus on health & wellness, process improvements, charitable contributions, etc. Each position is granted yearly education funds that can be used for seminars or classes that focus on customer service, billing/coding, and the latest trends in healthcare. Job openings are posted internally first to promote and encourage employees to challenge themselves and encourage advancement.”

"The physician/owners and management care very much about the people who work for them, their patients and the larger community. In spite of a shaky economy, every effort is expended to assure job retention and benefits for the employees, not to mention continued charitable giving and donation of time and talent. Our opinions are asked for and listened to. It’s the best place I have ever worked and I have been a nurse for 34 years. The organization is constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our clients and the community while keeping a family atmosphere. Employees are asked for opinions on changes and input is encouraged. Numerous committees exist for those who wish to participate including ones for charitable donations, process improvement, and a “fun” committee for morale. Every licensed person is given money for continuing education and encouraged to share information received. Doctors and staff have participated in outreach to clinics in Central America, fund raising for Camp Mak-a-Dream, and a local low cost clinic. Opportunities exist within the organization for job shadowing, mentoring and advancement in most areas."

“I believe MBJ has excellent benefits and very generous personal leave policies as well as being a “family” organization. MBJ supports our individual families and allows us the time and ability to be employees as well as parents and spouses. Our physicians are very devoted family men as well and support our community and youth. They are also very philanthropic as individuals as well as a group in this community and abroad. Our staff is very caring and committed to great patient care.”

"I love working at MBJ! It is a family atmosphere with wonderful co-workers and physicians who really do care about their employees."

“As an employee, I love working at MBJ! It offers benefits and job positions that are filled with variety which makes each day new and interesting. Our physicians are just the “Greatest” to work for! They really care about their employees. MBJ offers in-house committees and programs for their employees to take part in. This brings them together in fun/sharing atmospheres allowing them to grow in relationships within the company. MBJ offers each employee the ability to seek continual education. There are also other areas of growth professionally within the company. When new job openings occur within our company, it allows employees to apply. By doing this, employees can venture into a new professional area which is of interest to them. This promotes knowledge and growth within the employee, making for a HAPPY employee! The Mission Statement says it all. This is not just an ordinary clinic. Our physicians really make every effort possible to provide the BEST possible care to their patients from check in to check out. I am very grateful to work with such a Wonderful Group!!”

“When you come to MBJ you are getting the full attention you deserve. Everyone works for the patient. When you enter MBJ you get a feel that you are a priority and that you matter. MBJ works as a team to better serve the patient. We work like a “well oiled machine” to serve the needs of our patients and our community. MBJ encourages personal, social and economic growth by promoting continuing education to their employees.”



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