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Nursing Then and Now

by ih-mis admin
I have been a nurse since 1977. There were limited career choices for nurses back then. For the most part you chose either a hospital or nursing home. Now there are careers as traveling nurses, home health care, school nurses, hospice, urgent care, and research. There are also many more specialty areas within nursing like orthopedics, pediatrics, gerontology, neonatal, surgical, family practice and pediatrics to name a few.

What is Running Gait Analysis?

by ih-mis admin
Kristina Pattison is passionate about helping runners to move stronger and faster and avoid injury. Have you ever thought about how you run and how your body moves with each foot strike? Running Gait Analysis is the best way to develop a program specific for you.

Breathing Matters - diaphragm efficiency

by ih-mis admin
Coming in a close second to the heart as our body's most important muscle, the diaphragm serves as our air pump. It attaches to the ribs and spine, doming and relaxing as we exhale, flattening and contracting as we inhale. Due to its attachment to our skeleton, our body position influences how efficiently it can do its job.

Anterior Approach for Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

by ih-mis admin
Dr. Mark Channer now offers his patients the option of Anterior Approach for hip joint replacement surgery. This approach uses a small incision at the front (anterior) of the hip to access the hip joint. In this surgery the damaged hip socket and ball of the the femur (thighbone) are replaced by implants to minimize hip pain and restore range of motion in the hip joint.

Athletic Trainers in our Montana community

by ih-mis admin
March is National Athletic Trainer Month so we want to recognize and applaud the hard work and dedication of all the athletic trainers in our Montana community. Athletic Trainers have extensive education and practical training in sports medicine. They take the time to get to know our high school athletes at games, practices and in the training room providing the education and support to keep them safe in sports. Get to know your schools athletic trainer!


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