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About Missoula Bone & Joint

Missoula Bone & Joint has been serving western Montana for over 60 years.  Our physicians have a combined total of 211 years practicing medicine. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons offer specialized care in many areas, including sports medicine, joint replacement, arthroscopy, hand & microvascular surgery, foot & ankle surgery, spine surgery, and general orthopedics.


Why Choose Missoula Bone & Joint?

Our mission statement is "Patient Care From People Who Care". Quality patient care is very important to us. We are proud to announce that 99.1% of our patients surveyed in 2016 would refer Missoula Bone & Joint to a friend or family member.

Missoula Bone & Joint is a modern and comfortable setting for our patients, in one convenient location. Our comprehensive orthopedic services include on-site digital X-ray imaging, MRI, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), an urgent care walk-in clinic, physical therapy, hand occupational therapy, bone health clinic with on-site DXA, wellness program, and an outpatient surgery center. Our physicians and staff are committed to ensuring the highest level of professional care to each of our patients.

We provide the only walk-in orthopedic urgent care clinic in the greater Missoula area. Staffed by our experienced orthopedic physician assistants, our orthopedic urgent care clinic provides evening and Saturday hours.

Our experienced physical therapy team works closely with our providers to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. Our goal is to improve how our patients function at home and at work, and get them back to doing the things they enjoy as soon as possible. Hands In Motion with Kay Kramer provides occupational therapy services within our physical therapy department.

At Missoula Bone & Joint prevention is important to us. Our Bone Health Clinic provides a comprehensive evaluation of your bone density with DXA bone density testing on site. Our wellness program combines physical therapy and nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian to meet individual health and wellness goals.

In addition, we offer satellite clinics in Polson, Hamilton, Stevensville, Plains, and our clinic hosts a pediatric orthopedic satellite clinic.


Our Mission - "Patient Care From People Who Care"

Our mission is to provide superior clinical orthopedic care to our patients at all times. We strive to balance excellent patient care with a practice that allows the physicians and employees to work in a business that is financially sound and personal in nature. Every function of our practice is designed to provide comprehensive, compassionate medical care to our patients.

We believe a professional and well run medical facility builds confidence in our patients. We want our patients to have a strong relationship with our physicians so they can receive the full benefit of our services.

We know that a properly run facility creates an atmosphere where patients can freely talk with our providers. In this kind of atmosphere, our patients will appreciate the expertise and compassion that our providers offer. Creating this environment requires that each of us work together to fulfill our individual roles in providing excellent medical care in a timely and friendly manner.


History of MBJ

Missoula Bone & Joint was founded over 60 years ago by Dr. W.J. McDonald and Dr. Warren "Mac" McKinstry, the first two orthopedic surgeons in Missoula, Montana. Each physician who joined thereafter maintained their own personal orthopedic practice, but all worked together in one office at 700 West Kent, Missoula. That group became known as Missoula Orthopedic Associates.

In 1999, the nine independent physicians of Missoula Orthopedic Associates joined together as a group and have since become Missoula Bone & Joint.

The current physicians of Missoula Bone & Joint have over 211 years of combined experience. They all share a love for the beautiful state of Montana and enjoy all the many seasonal activities offered.

Our founding physicians would be proud to know that after 60 years Missoula Bone & Joint still holds true to its original mission of offering quality, professional and dedicated care to those we serve.



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Jason Miller, PT, MS, SCSC, PRC is the first and only  Postural Restoration Certified™ (PRC) provider from the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI)  in the state of Montana.

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